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Imagine Yourbusinesshive as a Best friend that will give you all the necessary information required to have a smashing event. We are a vendor directory with an edge that offers high connectivity and interaction between vendor and customers. We also offer vendors the chance to feature and promote their businesses on our site while creating an exciting environment for both vendors and customers.  


  • A list of registered vendors / suppliers for every aspect of your event.
  • Centralized web presence for all vendors in the event industry and increased web presence for your business.
  • Tip and tricks on event planning from industry experts.
  • News and updates on upcoming events close to you.
  • Competitions, promotions and advertisements.

Go ahead join the hive and create the best buzz for your business. Open yourself and your business to a new world of limitless possibilities.

Our Services

We can help you Find a Supplier

We can help you find registered vendors in your area


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You can get listed and join the hive by filling up a registration form and making the necessary payment for the classification of vendor you require.

Creates leads that can be followed up and generate sales for your business.

Increase your online presence, which these days, is an indispensable commodity.

Allow the thousands of potential customers who use this directory on a daily basis to find your business.

Each subscription if valid for a year and can be rolled over on an annual basis as requested by the vendor.

They most certainly do! We know you’ll want to use your site when you’re on the go so we’ve made sure to optimize our site for all smartphones and personal tablets. You’ll find they look just as gorgeous on the go as they do on larger screens.

Just log in and you’ll see an ‘Edit account’ option at the top left of your Dashboard screen.

You’ll find a ‘Forgotten password’ link on the login page. Follow the simple instructions and you’ll be back in your account without any delay.

Contact customer Services for advertisements on 09070921109 and we would be glad to assist you.

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