Aisha Abu-Bakr Luxury Designs

Aisha Abu-Bakr is a Luxury that services the Nigerian and African Markets..

Aisha Abu-Bakr Luxury Designs
Looking good they say, is good business. Like wise investing in a good brand. At Aisha Abu-Bar Luxury designs, our upscale clothings are inspired by African foods, colors and lifestyle, with the infusion of western styles to achieve stylish, trendy, cultural and climate friendly clothes. Our aesthetics include; intricate detailing, Timely delivery, qualitative finishing, intricate detailing, cleanliness, asymmetry, fluidity, comfort and practicality...
We use pattern making and grading for our ready to wear clothing and exclusive made to measure for Males , Females and children, we also design for corporate bodies..
Visit our website to shop the best in African fashion or stop by at our studio at No 2 anambra crescent off Nile street, Maitama. or call 08171588477.
Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm
Sat- 10am to 4pm
No2 anambra crescent off Mississippi maitama
Federal Capital Territory
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