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Basic Listing

Welcome to your introduction to “The Hive”. It gives you the opportunity to get your business card listed on the site. Customers viewing your card will also have direct link to your website and 30 word brief description of your business. This is your chance to join the revolution and be a card-carrying member of the clique. 

Basic Listing

Premium Listing

Premium Listing

Welcome to your upgrade on the “The Hive”. The premium listing gives you so much more than the basic listing with opportunities to post pictures, get customer quote request and open your business up to clients on a deeper level. Features of this listing include your location, featured promo, priority listing above basic and limited exposure on quote request from customers. If you believe in showcasing your business at a premium price then this listing is definitely for you. 

Platinum Listing

Welcome to the ultimate access on “The Hive”. You will have access to all aspects of the website which include unlimited pictures and videos, unlimited description for your business, our top vendor badge and the magical purple color of “The Hive”. You will also always appear on top of all searches and have priority for quote request from customers and so much more. You are our partner with this listing and your business becomes the Queen Bee.

Platinum Listing