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You know that feeling where it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? When you go to bed at night and know that you got a lot done, but still feel like you’ve barely scratched the surface of your to-do list? Yeah, that’s my life every single day.

Sometimes I get the feeling that my life is just a never-ending to-do list. No matter how much I get done, there will always be more to do. But, I have found some small things that help to make my days a little more productive. Here are just a few ways to get the most out of your days!


Here’s a way that you can literally make your day longer. I struggle with this one myself, but it really does help amplify my productivity. I always feel geared up and ready to take on the day when I’ve managed to drag myself out of bed at a decent hour, go for a quick walk, shower and eat some breakfast. Plus, it just helps to just simply gain that extra hour or two in the morning


Everybody has that one thing on their to-do list that they’re really not looking forward to. Start with that thing! Whether it’s taking out the trash, running to the bank or drafting that not-so-nice e-mail, make sure it’s the first thing you do! It helps to get something you’re dreading out of the way, and you’ll feel so much more motivated to charge through the rest of your tasks


We all know about my total obsession with lists. Business to-do lists, household chores lists, shopping lists… I love ’em all! They not only help me stay organized, but also inspire me to be more productive. Getting things out of your brain and onto paper help you see how much you really need to get done and start checking things off! You can check out my tips for an effective to-do list in the post, by the way.


I hate knowing that I spent 6 hours in front of my computer, but only got 4 hours’ worth of work done. Instagram can be such a productivity killer; I tell you! Identify your distractions (social media, television, loads of laundry) and avoid them like the plague. Don’t turn the television on, don’t open an extra browser tab for Facebook and set a different time when you know you can do laundry. This will allow you to really zone in on the task at hand!


This one is my favorite! I’m like a dog, so I work on a reward system. Find something you’re really looking forward to. Maybe it’s that new episode of Scandal you’re recording tonight or maybe you’re dying to go out for ice cream. Don’t let yourself do that thing until everything you wanted to get done is finished! Working towards a goal will really motivate you to kick your productivity into high gear.


What tricks do you use to make the most of your day? I can’t wait to hear your tips!

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