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Bilkisu A. Bello and Muttawakeel A. Daguri’s Charming Wedding

We absolutely adore kano weddings as they are always a headliner and a definite head turner. The wedding of Bilkisu and Mutawakeel make such an impact on us as the beautiful photos of the bride and groom began flooding our timelines. 

This wedding and the couple are absolute GOALS! enjoy:

Their wedding weekend began with an amazing dinner at Fabseventcentre and wow everything was a showstopper. The venue was lightly decorated with pastel pink and white flowers that looked like spring.  The stage was adorned with a hanging garden covered in fresh blooms, we assume showcasing a new chapter in our couples life. What an adorable couple they make.... sharing giggles here and there. 


Bride Bilkisu stood out in an elegant red number by Styletemple, which was completed with a cape. We have to say monotone red was amazing on this bride; as she was red hot from head to toe and her make up by Blush_Makeup completed the look. This groom did not come to play, as he was right there complementing his bride in a monotone burgundy babanriga. This couple had the swag and we are sure pictures do not do them justice. 

The second dinner was a more chilled affair but the bride did not take it easy with her fashion as she slayed in a silver lace number that had lilac floral appliques on the neckline. This dress by Styletemple was completed with a neckpiece that was as exaggerated as the dress and stylish in all the right notes. Her make up by Mrsbazzaz was stunning and completed her ensemble. The Husband was right there to again complement his bride in an all white ensemble that highlighted everything about her outfit.  


Every image by Ahmedzol and Libature really captured the essence of this royal northern society wedding.


The couple seemed clearly deeply in love and we wish them all the joy and blessings in their new life. 






Vendors Dinner:

Makeup Artist: @blush_makeup

Photography: @Ahmedzol @Lilbature

Dress by: @Styletemple

Fabric: @Aso_ebi_couture

Venue: @Fabscentre

Budan Kai:

Makeup Artist: MrsBazzaz

Photography: @Ahmedzol @Lilbature

Dress by: @Styletemple



Photo: Betty  Dyuran
Betty Dyuran
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