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Bride's Corner: How To Win Your Husbands Love

Find out his love language and do it

Some men like physical affection; others like words of affirmation. And others feel love a different way. The key to getting your husband to do what you want is to show him you love him using his love language.

Show appreciation with food and intimacy

The next time your husband actually does something you really wanted him to do, show appreciation by making him his favourite food or by initiating intimacy.

Know the right time to ask

Going on and on about the broken kitchen sink the moment he walks through the door after a long day at work might not lead to a productive conversation. It’s important to not only learn to pick your “fights” but also when to raise up issues.

Allow your man to believe he is in charge.

Men like to play the dominant role in relationships, so why not encourage the fantasy?

Let him know he’s the best source for getting what you want.

Don’t act as if he’s the last resort but the first and best choice.  Men love to feel needed. Stroke his ego, without being too needy.

Avoid nagging & over-mentioning.

You’ve told him thirty times, in the last thirty minutes, how much you need him to take you out more

Embrace the virtue of patience.

Just because he gave yesterday, doesn’t mean your spouse is all of a sudden going to begin giving you exactly what your heart desires. Nothing worth having happens overnight

Acknowledge what they’re already doing right.

In every area of life, especially your marriage, to get your spouse to do more, recognize what they’re already doing and praise them for that first.


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