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Brides Corner: Mistakes Even Happy Couples Make In Marriage

It's easy to see a happy couple you know and feel a little jealous over the fact that they seem to have it all figured out. If you've been going through ups and down with your significant other, you can't help but wonder how you both manage to keep messing things up. So here are some surprising mistakes even happy couples are more likely to make.

Getting Too Comfortable

To be fair, there's nothing wrong with being comfortable. It's better than having to go through a rollercoaster of ups and down. But relationships need to be nurtured. In short,, don't get lazy. Always be on your toes to keep your marriage.

Letting Your Families Get Too Involved In Your Relationship

For many, being super close with each other's families is something to be really happy about. Not everyone can have that kind of closeness. But boundaries still need to be established and enforced.

Assuming You Know What Your Partner Wants Or Needs At Any Given Moment

For instance, if your partner's upset, you'll try to do the best you can to smother them with affection. But that may be the last thing they want. Maybe they just need space to be alone. 

Avoiding Money Talks

As you probably know, money issues are one of the leading sources of tension between couples. Many partners are too afraid to bring up such a sensitive topic and end up harboring intensely spiteful feelings. So it’s important to talk about it no matter what.

Score Keeping

Adopting a "tit-for-tat" strategy is problematic in relationships and is a common mistake most people make. Couples who truly care about one another should invest in the relationship, giving it 110 percent, for the sake of the relationship itself, not because they are hoping for a return in the future.

Avoiding Conflict Altogether

Avoiding conflict is one major mistake happy couples tend to make. But they could be avoiding conflict and missing out on further connection simply because they can't tolerate the discomfort of it. It’s  been said time and time again, fighting in healthy and productive ways can actually help bring you closer together.

Remember happy couples are happy because they recognize that relationships aren't perfect so they never stop putting in the effort to nurture it and make it grow.


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