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Find A Job Or Start A Business?

Have you been job hunting but, haven’t found an ideal job that showcases your talents, education and interests? Let me ask you a question: Have you thought about starting your own business?

I have to warn you though, making the leap from employee to entrepreneur means changing not only your lifestyle, but also your mindset. Before spending time, money and energy starting a new business, you should ask yourself: Do I have what it takes to own a business or, am I better suited to being an employee?

Here are questions that might help determine if you have a business owner’s mindset or an employees mind set:

Can you start and finish tasks independently?

Employee Mindset: The boss or manager gives you a task to be completed within a certain time period and you’re expected to complete the assigned task.

Business Owner Mindset: Business owners know how to, and even like to, work independently. They are willing to take full responsibility for creating and completing their own work schedules. To take this one step farther, if you are thinking about starting a home-based business, you must also consider that there will be times when you’ll be spending hours working alone, without the company and support of others.

Can you set and achieve short and long term goals?

Employee Mindset: As an employee, you are working to achieve someone else’s goals.

Business Owner Mindset: A business owner takes on the responsibility for planning, marketing and overseeing the success of their business. Running a successful business means taking the time to formulate and implement a well thought out business plan.

Do you have the self-discipline and self-motivation to work for yourself?

Employee Mindset: A boss or manager sets and oversees your tasks and hours.

Business Owner Mindset: Successful entrepreneurs are masters of time management and multi-tasking. Self-discipline is a vital factor to growing a successful business. A business owner must be consistently self-directed and self-motivated to do those things that will keep his/her business moving forward.

Do you know how to measure success?

Employee Mindset: Your boss sets the standard by which they measure and reward your successes – pay raises, awards, recognition, etc.


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