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Most Common Marriage Mistakes Couples Make

Marriage can be the greatest source of joy or it can make you feel as if you are the ‘walking dead’. As they say, problems in marriages can range from minor to serious crisis-level problems, with each partner demanding a different kind of help. Whether you are preparing to get married or you are already in a marriage arrangement, there are certain common Marriage mistake almost everybody makes. Here are some mistakes to avoid and solutions to implement.

Expecting your partner to change after marriage.

This is the most common Marriage mistake almost everybody makes. If you think you’re going to marry someone who is just not quite on the same page you are and you’re going to change them, you’re a fool. What makes you think if you married a drunkard he will suddenly change into a responsible sober man? It does not work that way. Either you’re going to have to be able to live with that, or not. It’s acceptance, not changing the other person

.Relaxing and taking the marriage for granted.

This Marriage mistakes almost everybody makes and gets into with both eyes open. It is very easy to make. It is often relates to long term marriages. Taking the marriage for granted goes all the way into bonding and intimacy related issues. We can’t get so comfortable that we forget to cater to our partners. Love on them and yes, look good for them. They want to continue to be stimulated just as we do. We must consider their needs often in our marriages.


Putting parenthood above being a wife

It is among the Marriage mistakes almost everybody makes. We get it that you are a mother or soon becoming one. That is however not to say that you should neglect your husband and give full attention to the new developments.

We’re shaping the futures of our little ones. Every lesson we teach will impact who they become. Wives sometimes forget we have to also teach our children lessons in love. They will learn how to be a spouse by watching their parents. For that reason, this is one lesson we must get right.

Assuming that your partner knows you inside and out

This is one major Marriage mistakes almost everybody makes. Over time, we assume that our partner knows us so well that we don’t need to ask for what we want. Just because you have been together for the longest time does not mean your partner knows you inside and out. This kind of assumption is what drains couples into stupid fights, reason being that on one end there are expectations and on the other end, those expectations are not being met. Always ask and make it clear about what it is you want from your partner. Postponing communication on issues that matter.

Communication is key in marriage. Feeling comfortable expressing your needs, fears, and desires, trust as a couple will surely strengthen your bond. Make time to check in with one another on a regular basis. It’s important to talk about more than just parenting and maintaining the household, However, if there is a marriage mistakes almost everybody makes is having issues to talk about and settle but not having the time to because one of the partner is scared to rock the boat and wishing to keep the peace. As a consequence, walls are built and over time, these walls become bigger and unbearable. The result thereof is wanting.

Marriages do not always go sour. However, when they do, the genesis of it is usually where for some reasons one of the partner has offended the other by virtue of the Marriage mistakes almost everybody makes. Such marriage mistakes end up resulting into breakups or even worse, divorce.


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