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Nude Makeup Trend: Dos and Don’ts in Going Nude

Color can work wonders, but there’s nothing like that barely there, effortlessly flawless finish to make you look and feel polished. All Hail to the Kardashians who have bought this trend on fire. There was a time when it took real guts for people to wear the nude shade lipsticks or makeup. But these days be it to work or events we have spotted numerous people opting for Nude makeup and we must say we love it. As much as it’s a trend people often make mistakes in its application. Here are things to note when going for a nude makeup

To wear nude Makeup your skin needs to be taken care of very specifically. Even though it may appear as easy and beautiful it is a real challenge to get it right.


A good looking skin can make the look fresher. Hence apply moisturizer and dab your skin before 10 minutes of applying the makeup.


When doing the makeup, the choice of foundation should be minimalistic and not caky in case you are applying a thick layer you may end up looking ridiculous.  


Let concealer be your best friend when it comes to nude makeup. As far as I recommend skip the foundation step to the concealer. Begin by applying a bit of concealer on the finger and then gently blending it in. Ensure that you choose the right concealer color by trying it on the wrist.


A blush can change a lot on the face as you think. Do not go overboard when it comes to applying blush. Keep it as minimal as possible. Same goes with bronze we do not need the shining metallic to look on our cheek when wearing a ‘No Makeup Look.


The “no makeup” look will require a natural eye shadow that will be in tones of pink with slight shades of brown, light peach, or gray.


Blending is crucial. Whether you are wearing a closed blouse or open t-shirt, it is very important that the color of your face should be the same as that of your neck. Blending plays a big role in makeup! You want your makeup to flow / blend in with the rest of your natural face. 


Now that you know how to do nude makeup perfectly, you can always experiment and add a bit of your personality to the look depending on the occasion you want to present yourself. Be who you are, and love who you are; the world will follow.

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