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Reasons Why Love Dies in A Relationship

Love is a very strange thing. No one can really give love a proper definition, because no two loves are the same. There is no greater force on earth that would be such a mystery for many. They say that love never dies a natural death, and I’m here to talk about what kills it.

I’ve heard stories of people breaking up, telling me stories that they had “fallen out of love” or that there was “absolutely no chemistry left.” Stories like this leave me terrified. If nothing lasts forever, how could love?

So why people fall out of love with their partners?

What exactly causes love to flee from a once perfect relationship? Here are the reasons why love, despite promises of forever, can sometimes wither away into nothingness.

Unrealistic expectations. When one is in love, one tends to get such unrealistic expectations of the entire relationship. While there is no harm in putting your partner on a pedestal, there is a fine line between idealism and being blind to the entire thing.

It wasn’t built on a solid foundation. When love is built on the weak foundation of self-doubt and dishonesty, it will eventually crumble. Even great sexual chemistry isn’t solid enough a foundation to withstand the hurdles that your relationship may face. 

It wasn’t really love to begin with. I have heard many stories of couples falling out of love because they didn’t feel like it was love anymore. Most people fall into a state of infatuation during the start of their relationship, and they tend to look at everything through rose-coloured glasses. Once the honeymoon stage is over, they realize that things aren’t the way that they used to be.

Romance took over. Let’s get one thing straight: romantic love has to die in order for a more mature love to grow and prosper. Romance can sometimes look and feel like real love, when in fact, it’s a facade that hides the true issues in a relationship.

Lack of growth. The years tend to change people, no matter how subtle the changes may be. Couples in a healthy relationship allow the years to help them to grow into better versions of themselves.

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