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Yourbusinesshive Insider With Abdul Ibrahim (Eyesofinsanity)

No Celebration is complete without a photographer who knows when and how to capture every emotion and relations present in the ceremony. AbdulQuddus Mufeed Ibrahim the CEO of eyesofinsanity pushes the boundaries of photography to create not only images that are original but images that capture a unique moment in time. Abdul’s eye for detail and dedication to photography makes his photography really interesting and enjoyable to look at.We caught up with the incredible talent, to know more about: his journey into photography, his work, inspiration and why his works are beautifully different.


Tell us a little bit about you

Abdul- My full name is AbdulQuddus Mufeed Ibrahim. I am from Kogi state but was born in Jos. I started my education at Mafeng primary school and graduated from Community secondary school Asokoro Abuja. I studied Economics at Al-Hikmah University, which is an Islamic school. I am the owner of the brand "Eyes of Insanity" and I have been in the business for 4 years.

What or who got you started in photography?

Abdul- Economics got me into photography even though I never wanted to study it. I wanted mass communications or international relations but I eventually got economics. When I was getting into school, everyone thought “ah! You will make money, you are studying economics” but that was not what I wanted to do. As time went by I started getting depressed and I found myself taking random pictures of things and that brought me some sort of peace.  One thing led to another, I met a friend who had a tiny camera; I started taking pictures of myself and editing them and then it literally evolved into what i'm doing today. So yeah! My depression in economics gave birth to something positive.

Why the name Eyes of Insanity?

Abdul- It is a long and boring story but i'll summarize it. In the midst of my depression in my final year in the university, I felt like I was going crazy and it was in the midst of all that I discovered photography and it gave me peace. I was finding so much peace in something that I was not supposed to find peace in and that kept me confused but I still held onto it. When I started, my photos were different from what people were used to; I always took angles that people didn't notice. Hence my brand name came from me infusing the fact that I saw differently from what everyone else saw and the fact that I felt I was going crazy; therefore coming up with the brand name  “Eyes of Insanity”.

What sort of photography do you specialize in and why?

Abdul- I am more of a wedding and portrait photographer. I love brides and I like the feel they have throughout the wedding process. I love to capture the glam, beauty and expressions in a wedding ceremony. For portraits I just find the human face really interesting and captivating as I love to read facial expressions and freeze them in time.

How would you describe your style?

Abdul- Ermm I will say minimalist. I love going straight to the point to capture reality. I am not very keen on a lot of high end retouching and trying to make every photo plastic. I prefer to photograph you for who you really are and the essence you carry as well.

Who were your early influences?

Abdul- Because of how much I was obsessed with the internet at that time and my extreme craving to learn, I found a lot of people online, the likes of Benjamin Von Wong; I really loved his work. In Nigeria I use to look up to Satimi. I use to look up to him at time because he was amazing; he use to take photos of models, brides etc. Also the person who brought me into Abuja photography, photogenie was another person that influenced me. These people influenced me when I started and probably still do because without them, I won't be where I am today.

What was your biggest challenge when you started career?

Abdul- I would say finances, as photography is not cheap. Not like I didn't get support from my parents but they didn't see the sense in what I wanted to do, so I couldn't get funds from them. So I had to save my NYSC allowance. I got up to 40k while the camera I needed was 120k (canon 600d) I was just thinking of how I was going to get the balance but luckily my girlfriend gifted me the camera.

What’s the single most important piece of advice you’ve received as an emerging photographer?

Abdul- I really don't remember who told me that but it has to do with being hardworking, persistent and prayerful and I have been applying them all my life.

Has the photography industry changed a lot since you started shooting or is there still a lot of work to be done?

Abdul- It's a bit of both actually, I remembered when I started there was only a handful of photographers unlike today. We have truly evolved, our photography is much more recognised, much more respected than when we started and now photographers are Idolized like celebrities. Indeed we have evolved but at the same time we still haven't gotten to where we ought to be.


What photographic ambitions have you not yet achieved?

Abdul- A whole lot. I am very happy with where I am now but am not comfortable so there is still a whole lot to achieve. I think when i'll be 100% content is when I find myself in Los Angeles taking portraits of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Share with us how you were able to penetrate the Nigerian market successfully?

Abdul- I haven't exactly penetrated the market yet, I still have a lot to do by God's grace; however i'll say consistency, hard work and prayers.

Is there anything you would have done differently during your photographic career?

Abdul- Make more friends as I am a little bit of a loner and I know it has affected my career negatively. So if I was to change anything maybe that, but at the same time I am very content with the friends I have.

What advice would you give to couples looking for a wedding photographer?

Abdul- Get a photographer you can have a great conversation with because when you don't have that good relationship with your photographer there is a lot that is bound to happen, a lot of negativity and you won't want that. In all, just get a photographer you blend with.

If there was one place in the world you would love to capture a wedding where would it be and why?

Abdul- That would be Greece as I think it's just beautiful.

Tell me about your most memorable shoot.

Abdul- That was when I had a shoot with Dbanj and Tonto Dike. The shoot was for db records; that was when dbanj just started his record label. It was memorable because dbanj was hitting on my girlfriend lol but I didn't mind because am a huge fan, it was funny, took great photos and we had a very good connection.

With so much great talent in the wedding industry, can you name five professionals you adore working with right now?

Abdul- I am not really about the name people carry, I am more about the dedication they put into their work. So if i'm to mention a name, i'll say BigH and for two reasons: I respect his work and my fiancée is obsessed with him lol.

Tell us something people don't know about you

Abdul- To be honest there is a lot but I think one thing people don't know about me is that if I didn't get diagnosed with asthma, I would have probably be playing for Real Madrid right now. I was that good in soccer but asthma came along the way so I had to let that dream go.

What is your mental checklist before a shoot?

Abdul- For a wedding, before I head out I need to smell amazing. I have a thing for perfumes, I mean smelling good is good business right? lol. I also listen to good music; music always puts me in a good mood. Then I pray; I pray every time before going out for any wedding.


Do you think you can ever give up this passion for something else?

Abdul- Ah nahh I won't trade it for anything. I would probably die with this I don't mind.

Has what you do affected your life in anyway?

Abdul- Oh yes it has greatly. It has taken me to places I never thought I would find myself and it has helped me to be focused. Through photography I have met good people over the years and it has made me feel more comfortable about my existence generally. So yea it has affected me positively.

What do you do in your down time?

Abdul- I listen to music, I Play FIFA and I eat. I know that sounds depressing but I find a lot of peace in working my taste buds lol.

What is your greatest fear for your business?

Abdul- My greatest fear would be people losing the very important meaning of photography and diverting from the actual reason of photography and heading to the extreme plastic looks. Since I love simplicity that would put me in a very bad place.

What is success and tell us your secret to success

Abdul- Success to me is how much positive influence you have had on people's lives. My key to success is prayers, prayers and prayers. You can say hard work or consistency but all that wouldn't take you far without prayers.

What makes a good photographer?

Abdul- Originality makes a good photographer. I know it's hard to be original because every idea is gotten from a source if you know what I mean; but as much as you pick up ideas from here and there you should always try to create your own style and see things through your own eyes.

What mantra do you live by?

Abdul- "You Can Never Truly Be Sane If You Never Felt Insanity". People see insanity as something really bad but if you ask me the happiest people are the insane ones because they don't worry about what normal people worry about. The moment you cross that bridge between that sanity everyone screams about and the insanity everyone runs away from then you would find the essence of why you exist.


 What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue photography?

Abdul- Don't do it for the money even though everyone knows photographers are making a lot of money. I'll tell you this, if you don't have the drive and passion for photography don't do it. For those who are already in it, fall in love with it, keep learning and growing.

What do you think of our platform Yourbusinesshive

Abdul- Great stuff. Yourbusinesshive is quite innovative. You guys give northern vendors visibility; showing other states that northern vendors do more work than they think and we are just as good.






















To be a good photographer ,fall in love with the art, keep learning and growing.We would love to hear from you, tell us what you think of the interview and who you would love to see next on Yourbusinesshive Insider, please comment below.

Photo Credit:@eyesofinsanity

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