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Yourbusinesshive Insider With Munira Suleiman Tanimu (The Glam hall)

A successful woman is one who has the ability to create her own success, craft the life she wants; to live her own authentic purpose and passion as she guides others along the way. No other woman fits right into this than Munira Suleiman Tanimu, the CEO of The Glam professional Ltd,The Green gardens and MSTS ventures . Munira's passion and obsession to achieve new heights has led her to become one of the most successful business woman in the north and an inspiration to many. We caught up with the business tycoon to know more about her business, motivation, challenges and how she was able to penetrate the Nigerian Market.

The glam hall

Tell us a bit about yourself

Munira - My name is Munira Sulieman Tanimu and I am from Kaduna state. I started my secondary education at Essence International school and completed it at Abubakar Gumi college Kaduna. I attended Bayero University where I got a diploma in Educational management.  I later got a degree in sociology from the University of Abuja. I was also opportuned to attend Harvard University and bagged a certificate in leadership management. After that I went to Lagos business school and obtained a certificate in managing government relations and women in leadership. I have been in business for 13 years and  I am the CEO of the Glam hall (event hall), Green gardens (poultry and farm) and MSTS ventures (transportation company)

Why choose passion over profession?

Munira - I actually started business at a very young age of 18. I have always had a passion for business and I never wanted to work for some else so it was an easy decision for me to make. I chose business in heartbeat.

Who inspires you?

Munira - To be Honest, I don’t really have someone that inspires me in Nigeria. I love a lot of people in Nigeria but when it comes to getting inspired I don’t have one at the moment. I would say Oprah inspires me to be better in business and in life; this is because she has a heart of gold and has achieved a lot for herself. Michelle Obama is also someone that inspires me, she is a strong woman.

What is the motivation behind your businesses?

Munira - The fact that 10% profit from my businesses go to my NGO is enough motivation to keep me going. My NGO, Green Heart Impact Foundation is very dear to me because it gives me the opportunity to touch lives; and when there is no money coming in from my business to fund projects, then there is a problem. Therefore my motivation is my NGO.

How has your business evolved over the years?

Munira - The glam hall started about a year and half ago and it has grown to become a brand on its own. When it I started it wasn’t easy as people were not coming for months and I kept thinking of how much I spent on putting it together. However with time, people started recognizing us and now it has grown to something I am proud of, hosting about 6 events in a month.

How has the event industry changed since you started your business?

Munira - In respect to my own line of work, it has changed a lot because back then people didn’t see it as a viable business but now a lot of people are going into it and I think they should. The event industry has limitless possibilities and I think it’s at its prime waiting for people to realise it.

the glam

Share with us how you were able to penetrate the Nigerian market.

Munira - People should know that I have failed so many times, I was a fashion designer, I owned a restaurant, and I was into interior designing. I tried so many things and they didn’t work but my poultry worked, my transportation business worked and the glam hall worked. So what am trying to say is giving up is not an option. I knew what I wanted and I kept pushing. My persistence and hard work helped me in the growing of my business and brand.

Tell us a major lesson you learnt while starting your career

Munira - Starting a business is easy but your passion, focus and prayers for the business is what keeps it and helps it grow.

What is the biggest challenge for women in business today?

Munira - I think one of the greatest challenge for women in business is how to balance family and business. I have a daughter so I know what it means to joggle a home and a business. Also the fact that we are women is also a challenge because we are sometimes underestimated and downplayed. However I am happy that a lot of women are into entrepreneurship these days despite the challenge we face. We have grown against all odds.

Is there anything you would have done differently in your business career?

Munira - Honestly no because I feel everything I went through was for a reason and it shaped me into who I am today. Through my failures in various fields I can now help people who are into fashion, catering, décor. So I don’t regret anything and won’t change anything.

Tell us one memorable experience working with clients

Munira - I had a client who was begging my MD to help her with the space at a discounted price because she and her husband were just starting life and she loved the Glam hall and wanted to use it. So I came in and heard her say all these things and it touched me. I said to her “you can have it for free”. I also introduced her to vendors who registered under me and they gave her a discounted price for everything. The lady was so happy and up till now we are friends, to the extent she even has a picture of me in her house. That incident was really memorable for me because it gave birth to a new relationship. I always tell people, it shouldn’t be about the money but the relationship you create along the way. The funny thing vendors don’t understand is the customer you treat well will after their wedding call you to handle baby dedication, graduation, another marriage and the list goes on.

the glam hall

What is the single most important advice you have received when you started out in your career?

Munira - When I started out, my mum always told me prayer is the key to all. It’s God that gives wealth and you do not own your life. She also told me when you start a business, it doesn’t pick up immediately so you have to be patient, you have to go out to market your brand, make contacts and network. She finally said if you fall, always pick yourself up. Her words are what has kept me till this very day

How do you distinguish yourself from competition?

Munira - I do not see anyone as a competition. I think everyone is gifted in something so instead of seeing you as a competition I see you as someone to learn from to improve my business.

What advice would you give a couple looking for a wedding space

Munira - Well people are different. Some like small gathering and others love larger gatherings. I would first of all ask them to know the category they fall under before I can suggest either my venue or another. I always tell couples that the Glam hall is for the couple that want something intimate and cozy.

We know how passionate you are about humanitarian services; tell us more about your NGO

Munira - If it was a business I will say this is my life and I would want to do this till I die. Green heart impact foundation caters for the less privileged in rural and urban parts of Nigeria. I started this Ngo to touch as many lives as I can. I have visited IDP camps, orphanage homes, hospitals and so many other places like these. We have an ongoing project called “say no to girl child hawking”. I started  this project  because of the amount of female children on the street selling while they should be in school. So what my team and I decided to do is take these kids off the street, send them to school; taking care of their every need and then empower their parents who depend on them for livelihood. My plan InshaAllah is to cover the 36 states in the country.

the glam hall

What ambitions have not yet achieved?

Munira - My political ambition is definitely one. I am from a political family and I was opportune to contest for Kaduna state of assembly 2015. InshaAllah i'll be contesting again for federal level in 2019.

Do you think you can stop all you do for something else?

Munira - No I don’t think I can but on the other hand as an arewa woman we have some wahala, as not every man is okay with an exposed woman. However due to how far I have come it's either a man takes me the way  I am or leave but I can’t change what I do

You have achieved so much in your young career but we would like to know your greatest goal in live

Munira - The only goal I have in life is to keep touching lives. I want my Ngo to be a legacy that touches lives from generation to generation.

What is the greatest fear for your business?

Munira - I think that would be closing up my business. I have started and ended so many businesses in the past and it’s a phase I do not want to go back to. So the thought of it alone is scary.

What advice would you give someone is reading this right now.

Munira - It is quite easy to start a business if you want to start one. Every business started from somewhere and when they started they didn’t have contacts or network to work with but they are where they are today. So start from somewhere, go to places, attend events and talk to people about what you do. Another thing people should know is do not choose clients or look down on anybody, you do not know who will help your business. Finally be prayerful, focused and remember relationship is better than money.

What do you think of our company?

Munira - I love your page and your contents are lovely.  I love the fact people get to see culture, beauty and businesses all in one. I see you guys going far and starting something bigger.

the glam hall


the glam hall


the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall

the glam hall


the glam hall

Be prayerful, focused and remember relationship is better than money.We would love to hear from you, tell us what you think of the interview and who you would love to see next on Yourbusinesshive Insider, please comment below.

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